Explore Dubai

in all its beauty


Dubai is one of those opulent destinations that every traveler must visit at least once. Because Dubai is still very attached to its traditional culture, the city provides a perfect mish-mash of classic touristy activities as well as fresh and exciting ones that will keep you occupied for the entire duration of your stay. Before you decide on which activities to occupy your time with, you should first take a walk through the city in order to fully experience the culture and the warm welcoming people. This will give you the perspective on what to expect, which will also guide you on which activities you should partake in first.  Here are some of the best things to do while in Dubai:

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a shopaholic’s dream. The mall features close to 1200 stores that make it the ultimate shopper’s paradise. If you cannot afford to participate in a little retail therapy, the mall also has scores of entertainment hotspots such as ice rinks, movie theaters, and aquariums that host more than 33,000 species of marine life. The mall is filled with activities that are ideal for both adults and children. At night, the mall features an amazing dancing fountain show that is quite impressive.

Jumeirah beach

The beach is located close to the Burj Al Arab and is one of the largest public beaches in Dubai.  The Beach is equipped with a playground for children as well as numerous areas where you can barbecue or picnic.  For those that like water sports, activities such as jet skiing are available. Please note that since it is a public beach, the area does get populated as the day proceeds.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

When the city becomes too chaotic, you can head over to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.  The reserve is located in the Arabian Desert, and although it is technically a research center, visitors are allowed to take guided tours.  The reserve offers various activities such as sand boarding, archery, or dune driving in luxury four wheelers.  Thrill seekers can also take traditional camel treks and horseback rides through the desert.

Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is the perfect area to get your luxury trinkets and jewelry pieces. The Souk specializes in stocking glitzy and glamorous displays of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets from more than 300 retailers. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of the world’s gold passes through the Souk.