While in Hoi An

While in Hoi An

The cuisine

Hoi An is known in the world over for its wonderful food. From the mobile carts to the five-star upscale restaurants, this is a foodie’s haven. Some of the meals you must try while here include the white rose dumplings, chicken rice like you have never tasted before as well as the wontons.

The Asian fusion

If you take a stroll through the town, the city will let slip its wonderful gems and treasures and the old architecture.  Back in the day, the city was a vibrant hub that hosted traders from all regions of Southeast Asia and all parts of the globe. The city is a perfect blend of Vietnamese designs amalgamated with Chinese and Japanese cultures to produce the perfect Asian fusion.

The reputation

Hoi An was categorized as a World Heritage site owing to is endless temples, ancient homes, and pagodas that are very unique to the town. The density of the landmarks, historical sites, and buildings and ancient temples is unlike anywhere else in Vietnam. Hoi An is not just evocative of the past, it also has a series of modern hotels and resorts that have populated the region over the past years. The prices of the different accommodations and the service that you receive are at par with modern venues in places like Singapore or Bangkok; because of this, you will not be disappointed.