How To ....

Book in advance

It is prudent to book your bus tickets in advance through a travel agent particularly if you intend to travel during peak tourist seasons or during the holidays. You can contact reliable operators online or through email before paying for your ticket through a secure payment system. Typically, you will receive a travel voucher that can then be exchanged for the bus ticket at the operator’s counter or at the bus station before boarding the bus.

What to expect

Most buses are not double deckers; they simply have a single floor that is fitted with bunk beds.  Some buses are newer than others. As such your comfort level depends on the facilities and special features included in the bus. For instance, some buses offer more leg room than others while some only have angled flat seats that can recline when you need to sleep. Upon entry on the bus, the driver will hand you a plastic bag that is typically used to store your shoes.

Throughout the journey, the driver will have to make a couple of stops along the way to pick up more visitors. Because of this, you should be geared up for a long journey as it may take some time before you are officially on your way to Hoi An.