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Explore  Krabi

Thailand – Krabi

Ah, to be in Krabi again! If you want to achieve a height of relaxation you have never before experienced, then Krabi is a great choice. This province will stun all of your senses as it is absolutely beautiful; the beaches are white and picturesque stretching for miles on end, amazing scenery, lush jungles, great cliffs and floating isles as well as numerous other attractions make you want to live there forever! Located on the south of Thailand the province whose capital is Krabi ton is serene and a great place to go scuba diving. Besides it is near many islands making it easy for you to hop from island to island. There are many activities to do and attractions to visit each as great and beautiful as the last.

Railay Beach

This is a popular beach that was featured in the movie “The Beach.” Here you can hire a boat or join a boat tour to experience the coastline. With its white sand and awe-inspiring landscape and clear waters, the beach also houses limestone caves in the cliffs which you can explore. Due to its secluded location, Railay beach also gives a feeling of relaxation and also, offers yacht parties though joining these will require you to pay extra.

Go Island Hopping

Within Krabi province are the Phi Phi islands, 4 Poda islands and Hong islands which you can explore through day trips. These have great unspoiled beaches and are great for snorkeling and just soaking in the coast and breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea.

Night Markets

Krabi walking Street has a night market where you can shop for clothes, handicrafts and experience culture and food. The food ranges from insect snacks to sushi, oysters, spicy salads and bamboo cocktails.

Emerald Pool

You can get to this pool by booking a tour or renting a motorbike. The beautiful pool water makes you feel as if you are ogling at a piece of nature that got spared man’s interference.

Interact with Elephants

You can pay and ride elephants in Krabi though you do need to find those that have not been mistreated or neglected so that you can enjoy the experience.

Enroll on a Diving Course

In Koh Lants, you can join the diving school and dive into marine life. The island is a tranquil serene place that can help you relax in the quaint guest houses and enjoy the peaceful environment.

Visit Tiger Cave

Tiger Cave Temple is a popular site and for good reason. There are many steps on the stairs leading to the temple which can make you feel winded on a hot day. However, the spectacular view at the top does make up for it and it is a great place to take photos, relax, get monk’s blessings and light a candle for Buddha.