Explore Island Hopping Tour

A trip to Thailand is not complete without an island hopping experience.

Explore Island Hopping Tour

Thailand - Island Hopping Tour

A trip to Thailand is not complete without an island hopping experience. The best place to start off this experience is Phuket though you have to be careful not to get so drawn in by the beautiful beaches, markets, nightlife and watersports to not want to leave! However, after enjoying some of Phuket’s attractions, you can go ahead and take advantage of its strategic location to start your island hopping tour. Many of these islands are easily accessible by boat and offer a glimpse into idyllic, serene and breathtaking environments which you can not only relax in but also engage in marine exploration and exciting water sports. Here are some of the options when taking an island hopping tour:

Phi Phi Islands

You can take the ferry to this island or go as part of a boat tour. Here, you enjoy great scuba diving. With turquoise seas and glittering white sandy remote beaches and palms swaying in the sea breeze, the island is a great place to relax in. The Tonsai Bay town also has great restaurants, bars and shops so that you can enjoy food and a night of partying! Maya Bay the location for the movie “The Beach,” Monkey Beach which has quite a lot of monkeys, Viking Cave with nesting Swiftlets and Pileh Cove will be the spots to hit while in Ko Phi Phi.

James Bond Island

This island is located in Phang Nga Bay a boat ride away from Phuket. Originally known as Nail Island, its name changed when it was used as the backdrop for a James Bond movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun.” It has a rocky pinnacle a protected landmark. James Bond Island is also adjacent to Hong Island the latter which has sea caves and has a popular tour by kayak explorer, John Gray. His tour Hong by Starlight offers a great way to experience, explore and learn the history and culture of Phang Nga Bay.

Similan Islands

A popular choice for diving enthusiasts, these islands lie northwest of Phuket and are listed as one of the world’s top ten o dive spot. It is covered by a dense jungle and huge boulders. You can join a diving cruise to experience this magical spot.

Ko Raya

This island is an hour’s boat ride from Phuket and has great sandy shores and coral to snorkel. At night, it becomes less busy and hence a great place to relax in and have a quiet dinner and cocktails as well.