Explore Halong Bay

World Heritage site

Explore Halong Bay

Halong Bay- Vietnam

For many travelers that arrive in Vietnam, a trip to Halong Bay is almost necessary if not critical. Categorized as one of the few World Heritage sites in the world, Halong Bay is characterized by distributed islands that are speckled with grottos and caverns that display the effects that time and weather have on nature. This is an otherworldly destination that is a vision of delicate exquisiteness. This explains why Halong Bay is one of the most visited tourist destinations in northern Vietnam.

There are close to 1600 islands in Halong; the limestone has faced 500 million years of tropical downpour and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the thick jungle and the rocky outcrops of the bay are prevalent to give visitors the most exotic view and unique landscape. Most visitors here experience the wonder that is Halong on boat cruises; however, recently, visitors have begun utilizing seaplanes for stunning dragon-eye views.  

For first time visitors, Halong Bay is easily accessible from Hanoi, as it is just a stone throw away.  Apart from exploring the limestone caves of the bay, Halong has a wealth of other activities that offer just as much enjoyment and pleasure. Here are some things to do while in Halong Bay:

See some wildlife in Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is larger than Halong Bay. It is host to a lush national park heaving with scores of different species and breeds animals; over 30 different species of mammals and approximately 70 species of birds. One of the rarest monkeys, Cat Ba Langur, is found here. Other than the wildlife, the park also has trails that can be used for hiking.

Go to the beach at Lan Ha

While the bay is populated with various inlets and mysterious caves, Halong does not have an assortment of beaches for you to enjoy except the one at Lan Ha Bay. The beach is not only beautiful, but it also has stunning views of floating villages that look like something out of a film.  Activities that you can participate in while here include swimming, kayaking, scuba diving and much more.

Explore the caves of wonder

The Dau Go Caves are commonly referred to as the cave of wonders. Other than spectacular stalagmites and stalactites that await you, the caves also light up in a spectacular show of beauty to reveal the intriguing rock formations held within. The caves are dark and ghostly, offering the best atmosphere for exploring.  The caves are also cool, which should save you from the sweltering heat outside.