Explore Ho Chi Minh City’sff

most valuable gems

Explore Ho Chi Minh City’sff

Ho Chi Minh City’s most valuable gems

You might refer to Ho Chi Minh City as Vietnam’s largest city. Alternatively, Ho Chi Minh City is also popularly known as Saigon.  Its high octane energy, the pulsating atmosphere, and the thriving commerce are some of the reasons why the city is popular with travelers everywhere. Upon arrival, the city breathes new life and vitality into everyone that chooses to settle here, and visitors cannot help but be mesmerized by the energy of it all.

The city boasts great museums, a wide array of shopping malls and markets, five-star resorts and hotels, delicious cuisine and a very impressive skyline.  Exemplified by a great local culture, no two districts or regions in the city are the same, much to the delight to thousands of visitors that arrive each season. Here are some gems that you should explore while in Ho Chi Minh City:

Chu Chi Tunnels

The Chu Chi Tunnels are embedded in a massive war museum. An experience at the channels will reveal an up close and personal look at the underground life of some of the Vietnamese soldiers that fought in the war in 1948.  This site has various underground tunnels that feature trap doors, storage facilities, armories, hospitals and command centers that were instrumental during the war.  The tunnels were useful as they served as a base for the Vietnamese people fighting in the war.

The war remnants museum

Long ago, the now war remnants museum was also referred to as the Museum of American War Crimes. The remnants museum was opened to the public in 1975, and it serves to remind people of the atrocities and the struggles that occurred in the drawn out and devastating Vietnam War. The museum is filled with photographs that display the happenings of the war, as well as some of the military equipment that was used by the Americans during the war that lasted from 1945 to 1975.

Bitexco Financial Tower & Sky Deck

A stop over at the Bitexco Financial Tower & Sky Deck will give you access to an unparalleled view of the city’s skyline. The Bitexco Tower stands tall at 262 meters, and it features 68 stories that are home to various restaurants, shops, and offices. So far, this building is ranked as the 124th tallest skyscraper in the world, and it has received numerous awards for its masterful architecture and design. If you want to see the city’s skyline, you must travel up to the building’s Skydeck where you will be accompanied by a guide that can speak English.