Explore Hong Kong

Getting around Hong Kong

Explore Hong Kong

Getting around Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one beast of a destination.  The Hong Kong Island is characterized by over 200 smaller islands that fall within the limits of the city. As such, there are a wealth of attractions and scores of activities to enjoy. To explore Hong Kong in one go would be impossible, which means that return trips are definitely in your future.  

If you have already been to Bangkok or Tokyo, Hong Kong will be a welcome change of pace. For instance, the subways and buses also feature English translations that make it easy for you to move from place to place. As such, getting around in Hong King is a lot easier than it is in other Asian cities. Since the city is small, its transportation system is extensive, well maintained and very efficient.  Transportation is also incredibly cheap and accessible. Here is how to get around Hong Kong:

From the airport

To move from the airport to your destination of choice, you have the option to use an airport express shuttle or an airport taxi. Both options are very affordable and convenient because they can transfer you directly to your resort or hotel.

Getting around the city


The Mass Transit Railway is one of the cheapest and most expedient ways to experience Honk Kong. The MTR is well maintained, clean, safe and easy to navigate. Additionally, it makes many sightseeing stops along its expansive networks. Try to avoid using the MTR during busy or peak hours as it can get really overcrowded.


Because Hong Kong is made up of many smaller islands, the ferry is an ideal way to experience the city.  Ferries are a vital part of the transport system as they facilitate movement from one island to another.  There are numerous ferry routes connecting Hong Kong to the various outlying islands including Lantau and Lamma islands.


Double Decker trams are available in all parts of the city. Trams are an interesting and fun way to experience Hong Kong. The trams are available from early morning until midnight. Alternatively, if you find yourself in Lantau Island, you can use the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car to experience a thrilling ride and some of the most incredible aerial views of the landscape and mountain scenery.


Hailing a taxi in Hong Kong is fairly uncomplicated. The fare is extremely affordable and with over 18,000 cabs located in different parts of the city, the process of hiring one should be straightforward.